Fifty years serving science 

Who we are

For over 50 years we have been working with passion, serving science, and providing real solutions to analysis and research laboratories, both chemical and microbiological.

We are not only suppliers but also trustworthy partners for our customers. Our mission is to become leaders in providing advanced solutions, regarding both products and purchases, to the point of being an integral part of the laboratory ecosystem.

With a wide variety of products and services, we fulfil our commitment to making every aspect of the work simple and

We understandthe needs

We understand the needs of laboratories that are active in the pharmaceutical, nutraceutical, cosmetic, environmental, nutritional, and academic fields, providing them with quality equipment and materials.

We supportour customers

We support our customers in defining a strategy, helping the laboratory through the execution and issue of qualification protocols, the drafting of calibration reports, the redaction of User Requirement documents, as well as through validation and staff training.

We guideand follow

We guide and follow our customers, sharing with them half a century of experience, especially throughout the stages of planning, setup, and startup, with guaranteed assistance and support.


When it comes to finding and offering solutions for the world of laboratories, our mission is to become innovation leaders, an essential element in our customers' work ecosystem.

With a range of products and services in continuous expansion, we are committed to making every aspect of the work easier and more convenient. Ranging from the selection of the best available equipment and labware to scheduled maintenance, from validation to training, we offer solutions dedicated to easing the laboratory operativity and intended to raise our customers’ efficiency and competitivity standards.


We constantly focus on and work towards a future in which every laboratory, regardless of its sector, may recognise us as an extension of its own team. A future in which our coworkers’ expertise may become our customers’ competitive advantage.

The art of simplicity ⸻
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years serving science


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The art of simplicity

Simplifying the choices and chores of anyone who deals with a laboratory has never been an easy task. The market in  which we operate is complex, and so are our products, as well as the dynamics of purchase. Stakeholders’ expectations are also very high.

Our work aims to simplify decision-making processes, from the most easily available products to more articulated  choices concerning the selection of complex equipment, or the design and construction of a new laboratory.

Throughout the years the laboratory market has undergone radical changes. Commercial relations based on human contact have gradually been replaced by depersonalised acquisition procedures. We at Ghiaroni are certain that skills run through purchase processes more easily if they are conveyed by people. For this very reason, we have invested, and will continue to do so, in our future, our coworkers.

The evolution of Ghiaroni has given us the opportunity to no longer be a mere supplier of products and services, but rather to become a competent and reliable business partner. Hence, we are able to face new economic challenges and deal with complex situations.


Ghiaroni &Lab Investments

Lab Investments is a company founded in Milan in 2021, thanks to a group of investors. Their common aim is the development of a growth and aggregation plan concerning the distribution of products and services within the field of test and analysis laboratories operating in the following sectors: chemical, pharmaceutical, environmental, agri-food, and academic.

In an era shaped by quick-paced change and technological evolution, Lab Investments focuses not only on accurately selected M&A operations but also on tailored investments aimed at digital renovation. This task was undertaken to generate a top-tier nationwide player capable of leading the distribution sector, as well as becoming a symbol of  innovation and excellence in the field of assistance and facilitation of laboratory activities.

With a constant ambition towards excellence and wise management of investment opportunities, Lab Investments has gained a key role in the field. Its approach is based on a mixture of competence, innovation and a strong financial strategy to fuel growth and support the Italian laboratory ecosystem.

The acquisition of Ghiaroni was the first-ever operation led by Lab Investments, which has since become its main shareholder.

Ghiaroni & CDL

The Italian Consortium for the Distribution of Laboratory Equipment, known as CDL, was born in 1997, through the union of seven national companies that are experts in the field of scientific equipment and laboratory consumable materials. These companies are Ghiaroni, Bio Class, Ettore Pasquali, Incofar, Levanchimica, Savatec, and Vetrotecnica.

Together they have combined their strength and ideas to be competitive in an increasingly globalised and rapidly changing market. Thus, they have created a unique network of its kind in Italy, in terms of capabilities and efficiency, which, among other things, can provide:

  • COORDINATION, to promptly satisfy customers’ needs
  • ASSISTANCE on products, to comply with evolving professional standards
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