Technical Assistance

For over thirty years we have been providing a technical assistance service, capable of performing  validations 

Thereby establishing ourselves as the primary point of contact for instrument management.The quality of our services is defined by the expertise and experience of our technicians, who undergo continuous training to stay updated.


Customer service is a key value in our business strategy

Valitek and its project originate from the awareness that companies have been implementing ever stricter internationally recognised quality protocols, which must comply with rigorous global standards, as well as mandatory rules and certifications (GLPGMPBRCIFS).
With the help of other specialised suppliers, the company based in Rovereto was born in 2014. It specialises in the field of laboratory equipment validation procedures, and it is an authorised centre by Fedegari Autoclavi and Memmert Gmbh.

Valitek makes sure to keep up with the new realities on the ground of a constantly evolving sector, relying on a team of competent and qualified experts. This is what has allowed Valitek to create a wide range of high-value services.

A validation procedure is aimed at proving that a certain process is repeatable and capable of
providing a product, or treatment, that meets the established criteria. It consists of several
activities performed with the purpose of proving the effectiveness and repeatability of any
given process.

These are fundamental steps towards quality and compliance with the current legislation. We
are capable of providing a professional service concerning the draft of calibration reports
adequate to national and international standards.

It is possible to map temperatures and humidity regarding all measuring devices, in accordance with the current legislation.

Following the acquisition of their equipment, customers will be led through the training of
the personnel assigned to the devices.

The implementation, following the sale of the equipment, of a scheduled database helps
customers to plan ahead preventive maintenance actions, thus drastically reducing potential
machine downtime. According to each kind of equipment, maintenance may take place
quarterly, half-yearly, or annually. A preventive maintenance procedure implies monitoring
and proactively maintaining the equipment, including, if necessary, the replacement of some

The issuing, execution, and release of installation qualification (IQ), operational qualifications (OQ), and performance qualifications (PQ) protocols allow to gain and maintain conformity with the requirements imposed by the current legislation and standards. Ask for assistance for over thirty years we have been providing a technical assistance service, capable of performing capable of performing maintenance, fault repairs, and validations.

GHIARONI and VALITEK are perfectly able to lead customers throughout the whole validation process, from drafting the Validation Master Plan and protocols, to concretely implementing the qualification.

Ask for assistance

For over thirty years we have been providing a technical assistance service, capable of performing maintenance, fault repairs, and validations.